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Cosplay Goals for 2021!

Happy New Year, everyone!

While 2020 was an extremely difficult and trying year, I felt very fortunate and grateful to be able to create through the turmoil. Crafting felt especially cathartic, allowing me an escape through art and my favorite characters; I found great comfort in cosplay. Being able to say that I finished 53 cosplays and looks seems unimaginable now! I also focused on learning more skills and practicing new techniques, so I’m extremely excited for what 2021 has in store!

With all that said, here are some goals I have for 2021:

  • I will be practicing sculpting and casting this year. I’ve dabbled with resin casting in the past, but the results were unsuccessful, LOL! I want to work more on making molds and casting pieces for props and costumes.

  • I will focus more on wig styling and care! I’m TERRIBLE at taking proper care of my wigs, and it SHOWS haha! I want to make a diligent effort to care for these things more.

  • I want to create three large builds this year. Last year, my largest (and favorite) cosplay build was Ocarina of Time Ganondorf. I miss large projects dearly, so to be able to knock out three would be a dream! And I’m already in the process of starting one, which will be the focus of upcoming blog series…

  • I’m setting up to craft on Twitch! As much as I love playing games and being goofy on stream, I’d love to also create, build, and paint (in addition to being goofy on stream).

  • More LEDS! Calamity Ganon (technically the tail end of 2019) was a huge challenge for me. The LEDs were so hard for me to code and solder, and while I conquered it, I want a more stable grounding for my LED work. This will also be a part of the upcoming blog series…

Big goals for a big year! Do you have any goals you’d like to achieve in 2021? Let’s work hard and achieve them together!

Thanks as always,


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